Brunton Classical Guitars

Bill Brunton builds his guitars following the Torres tradition as it has come down to us through the German builder, Hermann Hauser, and as later modified by the American builder, Jeffrey Elliott.  Each of his instruments are unique and are constructed at the rate of one per two months.  He usually build a pair of instruments at a time, crafting in small differences in each.  No two are identical.  While he carefully controls everything measurable, he allows generously for the element of intuition in the construction of each guitar.  He believe that this element may be largely responsible for the excitement musicians show when they first play one of his instruments. Made in Fargo, ND!

For more information on Bill, his build philosophy, and other instruments please visit his website:


Acacia/Engelmann Slim Depth - $1,200


myrtle/SITKA - $3,800


ROSEWOOD/SITKA Slim Depth - $3,500